Thursday, March 1, 2012

Student Profile : Amani

“Some girls just don’t know that they can have a bright future,” says Africa ELI sponsored student, Amani. “So many girls are forced to marry for the dowry money they bring to the family.” So what is a good age to get married? Amani answers, “25.” She thinks it will be good to marry after first completing an education and getting a job. We concur.

Amani is motivated to be an inspiration for her younger sister who attends primary school. Their father died in an auto accident last year and their mother is seriously ill, so Amani feels a responsibility to help instill a love of learning in all of her siblings. When asked to talk about who inspired her to take education seriously, she said that the pastors in her local Anglican church told her she could “do more” with an education. Especially after her father died, the pastors told her that she is still capable of “struggling” to achieve academic excellence.

 At 17-years-old, Amani has 2 years of high school ahead of her. She begins classes at Excel Academy – Mukaya Campus next week. Africa ELI will do our part to continue encouraging Amani in pursuit of her dream to become a nurse. We believe she is bright and certainly a beacon of light to her sisters and their friends.

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